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Q: Is the resort open to the public?

 A: No; The Lost Dutchman is an exclusive private recreational fishing resort.

Q: Do I need a Colorado fishing license at The Lost Dutchman?

A: No; The Lost Dutchman is private property and operates under a commercial lake license, therefore a personal fishing license is not required. You must have a dated fishing activity report receipt in your possession to remove fish from the property.

Q: Am I allowed to use more than 1 rod at a time?

A: No; Anyone fishing may only have 1 rod in the water at any one time and it must be under the personal control of the fisherman.

We operate in accordance with Parks and Wildlife State Fishing Regulations.

Q: How do I become a member?

A: Review the membership Information –How do I become a member2018 Rates and Guidelines

Q: How many fish am I allowed to keep?

A: Individual memberships are allowed to keep 6  fish per day and a maximum of 50 fish per year. Business memberships keep limit is based on the business membership level. Please see your HR department.

Q: How does the electronic gate access work?

A: When you become a member, we issue you a “private” gate code. This code allows you entrance to the resort.
If for any reason a member is found in violation of resort rules, or membership has expired, that code will be deleted
from the system and will no longer allow you entrance.

Q: Can I bring non-member friends and guest into the resort?

A: Yes; Each member is allowed a maximum of 6 guests per membership. Business Members allowed guest are based on the Business Membership type. Please contact your HR office. All  guests must have a guest car hang tag issued by the member. THE MEMBER MUST BE ON THE RESORT WITH THEIR GUESTS AT ALL TIMES.

Q: Is there resort security?

A: Yes; We conduct daily spot-checks for valid memberships, such as a valid and visible member/ guest car hang tag. Our goal is to make our Resort a safe and pleasant experience for all members, and we will be happy to assist in any way we can.

Q: Can I “give out” my gate code for a guest to enter?

A: No; Members are entitled to bring guests ONLY when accompanied by that member. All guests must use the guest access code which is issued to them by the member. As a reminder you the member will be held responsible for your guests` actions while on property.

Q: What kind of activities are offered at The Lost Dutchman?

A: In the summer months (defined roughly as April-September or as weather dictates) = fishing, hiking and camping.
In the winter months (defined roughly as October-March or as weather dictates) = ice fishing, snow shoeing and hiking.

Q: What lakes are catch and release?  

A: Deer , Bear, Sun, Summer and Forest Lakes

Q: What are the catch and release lakes rules?

A: Fishing in the catch-and-release lakes is by artificial flies and lures with one single pointed barbless hook only. The following are not allowed: live bait, worms,power bait, treble hooks, double hooks and barbed hooks. If a fish is injured at a catch-and-release lake, it cannot be kept. All fish must be released  back into the water, dead or alive, with no exceptions. Anyone found keeping fish from any catch-and-release lakes are subject to a fine set by the Resort.

Q: What is the cost to the member to have over 6 guests at a time?

A: On an individual membership you are entitled to 6 free guests at one time. If the member has more than 6 guests at a time then a fee of  $10.00 per  guest  per day is required and must be paid to the office prior to the guests arriving.

Q: Do you allow dogs on the resort?

A: Yes; however for the safety of members,  guests, wildlife and your pets, they must be kept on a leash, under physical control or in an approved fenced area at all times when on Resort property, including campsites.

Q: Are the Resort amenities such as the bathhouse, dump station, potable water and fish cleaning station available to the members all year round?

A: No.  The Lost Dutchman Resort is open all year round to our members, but the amenities are winterized after Labor Day.