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“Bronze” Business Membership

Welcome to the Lost Dutchman Resort

Your company has the “Bronze” Membership which offers each employee:

  • Access to the Resort which includes, the employee, his/her spouse, and children living at home under the age of 25.
  • 2 free guests.
  • All fishing is catch and release. This membership does not include the keeping of any fish.

We hope you are able to take advantage of this wonderful benefit that your company is offering
and that you enjoy your time on the Resort.

Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with the Resort Rules.

Click here for a complete “Bronze” Business Member One Page Rule Sheet

  • Guests: Each employee is allowed to bring 2 free non-member guests per day, who must be accompanied by the employee and need to be in the vicinity of each other . Advance notice is required for additional non-members over the limit of two. There is a charge for each additional guest over the allowed two . Children 4 and under are not included in the guest count. The member is responsible for filling out a Fishing Activity Report for all fishing for their guests.
  • Vehicle Hang Tags: ALL vehicles MUST have a Membership hang tag visibly displayed on vehicle dash board. Hang tags must be obtained via your employer.Obtain an additional hang tag if your guest is in a separate vehicle.
  • Electronic Gate: All vehicles must enter and exit through the electronic gates and put in a gate code. PLEASE NOTE ,the gate does not have to be closed for another vehicle to enter in their gate code.


  • NO FISH CAN BE KEPT. All fishing is catch and release only.
  • Catch-and-Release – The Resort offers 5 catch-and-release lakes which are : Deer Lake, Bear Lake, Summer Lake, Forest Lake and Sun Lake. Please follow the catch-and-release rules for these lakes. At catch -and-release lakes, fishing is restricted to:
    • Artificial flies and lures with single pointed barbless hooks.
    • NO bait (minnows, worms, power bait and eggs, salmon eggs,cheese, etc) or treble hooks.
    • Any scented flies or lures must be 1.5 inches or longer in length.
  • Injured Fish: If a fish is injured , you cannot keep it since all fishing is catch and release ,with no exceptions.  All fish must be released back into the water, dead or alive.
  • Ice Fishing: Fishing from shore into any open water is not considered ice fishing. Please contact the Resort if you need to rent the ice auger. 719-686-7738 / 719-466-0267
  • Fishing Activity Reports are required for all fishing for members and their guests. There are reports located at each of the lakes and at the gate entrance. If you forget to fill out a report you can submit one online by clicking this link: Submit a Fishing Activity Report.
  • Fishing License: No fishing license is required since the resort is on private property.

Alcohol: Alcohol is NOT permitted at Bear or Deer Lakes. You may have alcohol beverages at any of the remaining lakes as long as there are NO glass bottles. No drinking under the age of 21.

Picnicking: Picnicking is permitted at the lakes with gas stoves or gas grills. NO charcoal grills or wood grills are permitted.

Pets: All pets must be kept on a leash and under physical control at all times while on the resort, including at campsites. Pets are not allowed to be left unattended, swim in any of the lakes and are not allowed in the bathhouse. Please clean up after your pets. There are waste bags for pet clean up located throughout the Resort.

Speed Limit :The resort speed limit is 15 MPH.

Quiet Hours: Resort quiet hours are from 10pm -8am, which means that noise must be kept to a minimum.

Trash: Do not leave any trash,especially fishing line, plastic water bottles, cigarette butts, etc. at the lakes. All trash from resort (no personal brought in) must be disposed of in our bear-proof dumpsters located at Sun Lake, Bath House, and Conference Center.

Fire Bans: Please observe all fire bans. Please contact sheriff`s office to check current fire ban status. Click here for Fire Ban Descriptions.

Lodging : 

  • Individual Nightly Campsite Rentals must be reserved in advance and are located behind the bathhouse. The allotted number of guest and rules apply for this rental. For more information , please contact the Resort or click on the link below: 

Individual Campsite Rentals

General Campsite Information

  • Group Nightly Campsites Rentals must be reserved in advance.  For more information , please contact the Resort or click on link below :

Gazebo Group Campsite

Thunder Camp

  • Individual Nightly Cabin Rental must be reserved in advance. The allotted number of guest and rules apply for this rental. For more information , please contact the Resort or click on the link below:

Cabin Rental