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Bear Protection

Bear in Dumpster

What can we do to protect ourselves and the bears?

First off we would like to thank Joe, from DOW, for all his attention , respect and efforts that he has and continues to show to our bear problem here at the resort.
Unfortunately Joe can only do so much.
The Resort needs every member`s participation to do their part in bear prevention.
Remember to clean out your campers every time you leave, including items such as scented candles, garbage and canned goods, which are not safe in air tight containers. Also if you have a grill, keeping it clean will help keep the bear from your site.
If you as a member decide to build bear boards, we are asking you
to have no more than 1 inch of nail in the boards. (click here for detailed instructions)
Our goal is not to injure the bear.
For other preventative measures against bears, hanging moth balls in nylon stockings or cheese cloth from your doors and windows are effective measures.
Bears do not like the smell.
Bear spray and bear horns, are also  effective.
We are concerned not only with the bears but also with the safety of all of our members.
 Please note that firearms are NOT allowed on the resort.