It is illegal to bring your own alcoholic beverages to Bear Lake or Deer Lake due to the state requirements of LDR’s liquor license. At the remainder of the lakes, it is legal to bring your own alcoholic beverages as long as there are no glass bottles or containers, no drinking under age 21, and no excessive drinking

Catch- and – Release Rules

At catch-and-release lakes, fishing is restricted to artificial flies and lures with single-pointed barbless hooks. No bait (minnows, worms, power bait and eggs, salmon eggs, cheese, etc.) or treble hooks. Any scented flies, lures, artificial minnows, etc. must be 1.5 inches or longer in length.

Cleaning Fish

Cleaning of your fish at any of the LDR lakes is not allowed. Please use the Fish Cleaning Station located at Sun Lake.

Fishing Activity Reports

Daily fishing activity reports are available in the boxes posted throughout LDR property. Once filled out, place back in any box. The Fishing activity reports must be filled out and all fishing activity recorded.


Glass bottles or containers are not allowed at any of the LDR lakes.

Ice Fishing

When the lakes become ice-covered LDR will allow Members access to all the lakes seven days a week, weather permitting, for the purpose of ice fishing. Motorized access is available up to Sun Lake. Sun Gate is closed based on snow and ice conditions. No motorized access beyond Sun Lake (foot travel only). Depending on your membership type, for ice fishing only, all lakes are catch-and-keep (within the established keep limits). Fishing from shore into any open water is not considered ice fishing, therefore catch-and-release and bait restrictions apply.

Injured Fish

If a fish is injured at a catch-and-release lake, you cannot keep it since all fish must be released with no exceptions. ALL fish must be released back into the water, dead or alive.

One Rod Only

Anyone fishing may only have one rod in the water at any one time and it must be under the personal control of the fisherman.

Not Permitted

Entering, swimming, wading, or boating; driving on ponds when frozen. Wood or charcoal fires.