In the late 1940’s Baron Frederick Von Schleinitz immigrated from Europe, settling in Teller County. Von Schleinitz founded the Trout Haven Resort, a camping and fishing resort, and developed subdivisions to the east and west, known as Trout Haven and Arabian Acres. The lakes were built in the early 1950s, and during the 1960s, club membership rose to over 500. The Baron also owned the Trout Haven CafĂ© & Motel, located on the Southwest Corner of the US Highway 24 & State Highway 67 intersection in Divide, where you could bring your daily catch from the Trout Haven Resort and have it cooked for you.

In the 1980s, Von Schleinitz sold the Trout Haven Resort to a partnership out of California who rebranded the property as “The Lakes at Eagle Wing.” Unfortunately, the Baron had to foreclose on The Lakes at Eagle Wing in the early 1990s. In 1991, PK Enterprises, Inc. purchased the Trout Haven Resort from Von Schleinitz and rebranded the property as the Lost Dutchman Resort.

Since 1991, PK Enterprises, Inc. has continued to offer a unique private camping and fishing experience to its members while continually improving the property. In 1997, the Pavilion, a then state-of-the-art event center, was constructed, and events continue to be held in this one-of-a-kind facility. In 2008, the Conference Center was added to the property, which acts as the main office for Lost Dutchman staff and a place for members and businesses to host small meetings.

Our Promise to Our Members

Lost Dutchman Resort strives to provide the best private camping and fishing experience for its members, and that success is measured only by the satisfaction of our membership. Lost Dutchman staff works tirelessly to ensure member’s comfort, enjoyment, and the making of lifelong memories.